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Age: 5

Boots is a 5 year old little jack Russell chihuahua mix who is a charming, opinionated, mouthy at times, loving at times, sweet, sour and ornery. He has the cutest little underbite and when you try to get him up out of bed in the morning he loves to show it off and snap his teeth together, so make sure to move faster than he does.  

Boots can be a sweet and adorable charmer who loves to cuddle and snuggle. He likes lap time and watching TV and laying in a clothes basket full of fresh warm clothes.

He isn’t great with men, especially if they are wearing boots. Could be how he got his name. Hmmm, could be how he got his underbite. He came to Raintree with the name and the underbite and we love both.

Boots will need a special someone with patience and tolerance for a snarky little turd. He is really a love and a turd all wrapped in one. The chihuahua is definitely the dominant breed within him. But he’s so darn cute.

Boots is current on his vaccines, is neutered and heartworm negative and on prevention. If you would like an application to adopt this special little guy email and we will get one right to you.

If interested in Boots, contact us at


Age: 4

Benje is a true terrier. Sleek, muscular, strong, confident and very handsome. He thoroughly enjoys going for walks and exploring and simply being out in nature. Benje is friendly with people and gets along with most other dogs. Now if another dog charges up to him, he will not hesitate to defend himself but for the most part he is a “you mind your business and I’ll mind mine” kind of guy.

Benje is 4 years old and weighs a solid 17 pounds. He is neutered. current on vaccines and is heartworm negative and on prevention. Benje is also microchipped.

If you want a buddy to hang out with, go hiking, or just riding around with, Benje may be your boy!

For an application on this beautiful boy, email a request to


Age: 1

Say hello to Dibbs. A beautiful boy who was born in September 2022, he is a young fellow who is very sweet with people and really loves human companionship. We believe Dibbs to be a Jack Russell Brittany spaniel mix. He has velvety soft fur and the sweetest puppy dog eyes and a smile that will melt your heart.

Dibbs does ok with other dogs if introduced properly. He came to Raintree with a bossy alpha sister so he is used to defending himself from her. Once he has acclimated to other dogs he does well. Dibbs is neutered, all vaccines are current and he is heartworm negative and on prevention. He is also microchipped. Dibbs weighs 24 pounds.

If you would like the opportunity to meet Dibbs, you can request an application at


Age: 15 months

I would like you to meet Asher. He is just 11 pounds and 15 months old. He was dumped in the Redlands of Florida to either survive on his own or die. He is a Parson and such a sweet puppy. He is not housebroken but absolutely loves to sleep in a human bed all cuddle up next to you. He is good with other dogs. If you would like the opportunity to meet Asher, you can request an application at

He is now safe at Raintree Jacks but he is sadly heartworm positive. He is not ready for immediate adoption. However, he needs your help. If you would like to help Asher, you can donate in several ways.

VENMO to teamrtj (last 4 digits of phone 0892)

Paypal to

Send a check to: Raintree Jacks 1913 Watkins Road Cassatt, SC 29032


you may call our vet at 803-432-8899 and donate to your Raintree Jacks account with your credit or debit card.

Please put Asher in your comments when you donate so we will know it is for him.

Thank you for your love and compassion and thank you for being the heartbeat of these rescue dogs.


Age: 4

Hi out there. I see you!

Do you remember me?

It’s me, Ditto! Now do you ‘member?

Hey. I have been here at Raintree for a while now, and I really do like it here a lot. I run and play and bark and growl and jump, and I have lots of buddies here to play with and it’s so fun. BUT I been doing’ some thinking.

It’s almost Christmas ya know? And we all get to wish for something special for Christmas, right?

Well, I’m putting in my wish now. I wish there was someone out there who needs me and wants a little buddy. I know I am a little funny looking because I only have one peeper, but I can still be cute for you! I really wish I could go home for Christmas. Do you think there is a home for me out there somewhere?

My human man died and he loves me. I want that again.

Ditto is 4 years old and is a cute little fellow who is about 13 pounds. He came to Raintree with an injured eye and unfortunately it could not be saved. He has been neutered, updated on rabies, dhlpp and bordetella vaccines, he is heartworm negative and on prevention.

This little guy is friendly with people and is quite a charming personality. He loves to go for rides, hikes, walks and just hanging out in the yard. He is alpha with other male dogs but can get along with them if introduced properly and they are not one to pick a fight. Ditto is a great little dog and if you would like to meet him, please email us at for an application.

Let’s get Ditto home for the holidays!

for applications and up to date availability

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