The Resident Jacks

Raintree Jacks has an amazing pack of residents that are amazing ambassadors for all that come to Raintree!

Kaci Lou Who

Kaci came to us at Raintree in the spring of 2013. At a spry 10 years old and just 11 pounds, she quickly stole my heart with her sweetness and cute little prancing diva trot. Charm, charisma, and a bit of sassiness soon trained me to be her person.  Kaci Lou Who is the face of Raintree Jacks. She is such a happy and friendly little girl, and loves everyone she meets. There is no better little face to personify all the love we have for these jacks and all the love they have to give to us.

Before coming to Raintree, Kaci had a wonderful family that loved her very much. She had 2 of her very own little girls that she grew up with and to this day she still loves children. Unfortunately, due to a family situation and a move to a third story apartment, Kaci had trouble navigating all the stairs for potty and play breaks due to some arthritis in her shoulders. Her family loved her enough to let her come to us where she didn’t have to worry with all those painful stairs. We do still have contact with them and they can come visit anytime.

Kaci’s three favorite things in the world are playing in any kind of running water, opening the care packages we get for the rescue dogs, and chasing tennis balls. Although chasing tennis balls is not for her now at her age, but my oh my she still wants that water hose and getting in the showers something fierce. She will bite that water and bark and smile all at the same time.

As for opening the boxes of donations for the rescue dogs… That is ALL Kaci’s job. She will dare any other dog to get close until she has opened, inspected, tested and sampled all the goodies inside the boxes. Trust me, the other dogs respect her and stand back as they know without a doubt, she takes her job very seriously.

Kaci is such a delight and is so very loved.


Jessie Info Coming Soon!

Emmy Jack

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