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Location: Cassatt, SC.

Raintree does adopt out of state. The adopter is RESPONSIBLE for transportation.


Age: 2

Larry has been with Raintree Jacks now for quite some time since January 2023. We really want to get him a great home with a family who can love all over him. We are reposting him as the Raintree Jack of the Week. Please share and make your post public so that we find him his family.

Meet Larry, a 2-year-old Jack and Teddy Roosevelt terrier. Larry is looking for a family who can love him forever. He had a scary and sad start to life and is now wanting to be part of a loving family. Larry came to Raintree Jacks from Mississippi where a hunter witnessed someone throwing Larry and 11 other dogs out of a truck on a remote logging road, then speeding off and the little dogs running their hearts out trying to catch the truck.

We believe the dogs were all used for breeding and never integrated into a family. Larry (and the others) is very shy of new people and timid until he gets to know you. Once he realizes you are not going to hurt him his cute little personality begins to blossom.

He becomes playful and loves to hoard toys, shoes, and even clothing in his bed. He is playful with the other dogs and is such a delight. He just needs a few days to decompress and know his people aren’t going to hurt him. He loves scratches and will put his little head under your hand to get you to love on him.

Larry is neutered. He is current on his vaccines, and he is heartworm negative and on prevention. If you have patience and love to give, and would like to meet this beautiful boy, request an adoption application from raintreejacksrescue@gmail.com.

If you want to share here is a link: Raintree Jack of the week – https://raintreejacks.org/raintree-jack-of-the-week/

If Larry doesn’t quite fit what you are looking for, check out the other Raintree dogs. We would be happy to send you an application for any of these sweethearts too!

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